About Japanese Diapers

Japanese diapers vs. European diapers

The Japanese are not only punctual, hardworking and precise, they are also very picky people. To meet the needs of the Japanese, diaper manufacturers must offer a premium product. Japanese diapers are very popular and in demand all over the country. Mothers only use diapers made in Japan because other products on the market do not meet their high standards. Most European diapers are not comparable in quality to Japanese diapers. Japanese diapers are made from more expensive and higher quality materials and the production of these diapers is overseen by government agencies, so parents can rest assured that their babies their baby’s skin will not be rash, the discharge will be completely absorbed and the baby’s movements will not be restricted. Compared to other Japanese diapers, the use of substances such as optical brighteners, chlorine compounds, formaldehyde, flatates, synthetic fragrances, petrochemical lotions is not so severely restricted in the manufacture of European diapers. Japanese diapers are made only from ecologically clean materials. The best way to prevent an allergic reaction is that Japanese diapers use moderate dyes, which are used only in the outer layer of diapers. Ecology and sustainability are very important to Japanese diaper manufacturers. Fragrances and lotions are completely abandoned in the production of Japanese diapers. Therefore, for all these reasons mentioned above, Japanese diapers are considered to be one of the most technologically advanced diapers in the world.

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