About JapaneseDiapers.com

We are a company with many years of experience in the Japanese diaper trade. We cooperate with famous Japanese brands (Pigeon Corporation, Lec Inc., KAO, Unicharm). Every month, we import large quantities of Japanese diapers to Europe and supply the products of the represented brands to various trading companies. We worked hard and sincerely for families living in Lithuania to get to know and love Japanese diapers. After success in Lithuania, we decided to introduce Europe to this Japanese masterpiece. At Japanesediapers.com you can buy original Japanese diapers Merries, Moony, Moony Natural, Whito at the most competitive price. Your order in any city will reach you very quickly, in just 3-6 working days.

  • We sell over 150,000 diapers a year in Lithuania;
  • Fast delivery (3-6 working days) in any European city;
  • Professional consultations (we help you choose the most suitable type of diapers);
  • Centralized warehouse in Lithuania;